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Take a good look at our storm shelters...


Our units provide a solid welded exterior constructed of 1/4" steel, The thickness Mother Nature can't penetrate. Our steel design is thicker than the steel used by many of our competitors. 

We also make available "add-on" options for the convenience and specified needs of our customers. Here is a short list of the most common available options: 


  • Lock boxes for food and other items

  • Shelving

  • Custom paint colors 

  •  Powder coating

  • Hinged benches

  • Fold-up bunk bed

  • Indoor/Outdoor carpet 

Steel Strong Shelters exists to meet the unique needs of our customers. Should there be additional options desired by our customers, then we will coordinate with our network of available resources to accommodate any reasonable request.

 Our standard unit sizes are:  4' x 5' - 4' x 6' - 4' x 8' - 5' x 6' - 5' x 8'. We also routinely fabricate shelters in custom sizes as well. Whatever spatial and size preferences our customers have, we are able to accommodate. Please contact us for a standard-sized or custom shelter quote.

Pick and click to enlarge pictures and take a closer look at our shelter features

Our mission is protect us today for a no-obligation quote.

Call us at 256-309-0331 or email us at 
There is no better investment than peace of mind.

Financing Available

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