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Need To Know When To Go

Many folks experience storm anxiety. One concern that people have, is when they need to go to their shelter. According to the National Weather Service, when you go to your storm shelter depends on how far away your shelter is.

If your shelter is in the garage, you can wait longer than if it's in the backyard. If your shelter is down the street or across town, you will have to go much sooner to allow plenty of time.

You don't have to wait for a warning, a siren or any other signal. You can take shelter whenever you want to.

Of course, this is more complicated when you have to deal with pets, children, the elderly or others who may have trouble accessing the shelter quickly.

Do not wait for a siren to take shelter. If a tornado warning is issued for where you are, or if there's a tornado warning with a storm that's headed your way, consider going to shelter sooner rather than later.

Here is link to the full article: Common Fears Regarding Severe Weather

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