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It's That Time Of Year...Are You Ready For Stormy Weather?

As many of you know, it is that time of year again...where we baton down the hatches, so to speak, and prepare for the probability of frequent thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Already this year in the U.S. there have been 21 fatalities attributed to tornadoes or high winds.

The U.S. Federal Government's website provides excellent information regarding preparedness for tornadoes. There are plenty useful tips in the article for you and your family, and those you know, to be familiar with in preparation for this time of year.

Part of any plan for tornado and damaging storm preparedness is to know where to go to protect yourself and those with you. When you hear the local warning sirens, information from media, or weather radios you need to move quickly to the best place that you have for safety.

At Steel Strong Shelters we exist to take care of people. With every shelter we construct, we purpose to ensure that our customers are protected from tornados, severe storms, and dangerous straight-line winds.

Please take a look at the pictures of our shelters and read over the information contained on our website. You will be able to get a better understanding about the quality of the materials that we use, as well as the quality of our workmanship and the added safety features that many of our competitors don't include in their units.

After you have looked over our website, then please feel free to contact us for a quote, or to get answers to any questions that you may have. You can call us at 256-309-0331 or email us at

Be prepared, be protected, and be strong...STEEL STRONG! Steel Strong Shelters is a subsidiary of Compliance Construction Company, LLC.

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