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                                                                   Key features of Steel Strong Shelters:  

  • All shelters are made of 1/4” steel, which is the magic number that Mother Nature can't penetrate.

  • We weld in 2" x 2" steel angle along the top and bottom corners of each shelter for additional reinforcement.

  • Anchoring holes are drilled every 12 inches, adding grip security. FEMA only recommends holes to be drilled every 24 inches.

  • Our shelters are anchored into concrete with 5/8” X 5” wedge anchors for stability added stability and holding strength.

  • The height of our shelters is 78 inches, which allows them to fit under standard garage doors.

  • A standard unit is equipped with two rows of ventilation holes covered with 1/4” deflectors for repelling wind and rain.

  • Heavy duty industrial handles are installed on the doors of our shelters. They are also made to accommodate a padlock.

  • For added security and door stability, three 31” solid steel slide bars are integrated into inside of the door of the shelter

  • The shelter's door opens to the inside to prevent occupants from being trapped by debris that could obstruct the door opening to the outside. A door opening to the outside is still an option, but it would be necessary to install an escape hatch which would incur additional charges.

  • Shelter installation typically takes about an hour to complete.

Have questions? Please call us at 256-309-0331 or email

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